Post-menopausal women with diabetes at greater risk of breast cancer

British Journal of Cancer Press Release: Friday 14 September 2012

Women with type II diabetes are nearly 30 per cent more likely to getbreast cancer, according to results of a comprehensive review published in the British Journal of Cancer today (Friday).

The study, by researchers at the International Prevention Research Institute (i-PRI), Lyon, analysed the results of 40 separate studies examining the potential link between breast cancer and diabetes.

These studies involved over 56,000 cases of breast cancer across four continents and found that post-menopausal women with type II diabetes had a 27 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.

The increase in breast cancer risk seems to be restricted to post menopausal women with type II diabetes, as the research found no link between women of pre-menopausal age or those with type I diabetes.

The authors have also suggested that a high Body Mass Index (BMI), which is often associated with diabetes, may be an underlying contributing factor. Read more

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