U.S. Diabetes Index

U.S. Diabetes Index (USDI), published by the National Minority Quality Forum, provides critical intelligence about diabetes in the United States.  Its mission is to reduce the incidence of the disease and improve health outcomes while encouraging the efficient management of health-care resources by providing actionable, community-specific information.  Its audience includes providers, legislators, policy makers, researchers, news media, and manufacturers, purveyors, and purchasers of diabetes products and services.

The USDI provides real-time information about diabetics, their care, and the trends that are shaping the diabetes market in the United States.  The USDI is built to be the national index by which diabetes in America is measured.  It consists of over 30,000 tables, maps, charts and graphs by market segment (a comprehensive selection of geographies segmented by race/ethnicity, age and gender) for the years 2000-2010.  Additional years will be added as the underlying data becomes available.

The USDI is a comprehensive online tool that reports, at the national, region, state, county, MSA, zip code, and congressional and state legislative district levels, further segmented by race/ethnicity, age and gender, on:

  • The prevalence of prediabetes;
  • The prevalence of diabetes;
  • The cost of the epidemic;
  • Clinical information about diabetics (such as aggregated HbA1c, eGFR, hypertensive, BMI, etc);
  • Co-morbidities of diabetics;
  • The attitudes and opinions that are shaping how diabetics are coping with their disease;
  • The location of diabetes clinicians and diabetes clinical trials; and
  • How variations in the utilization of diabetic products and services are impacting outcomes and costs.

To inquire about an annual subscription to the complete edition of the USDI, please contact Bill Griffith at bgriffith@nmqf.org or 845-371-7201.  In addition, you can access the U.S. Diabetes Index County Edition by clicking on the link below.


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